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What is WECpoker

WECpoker is a comprehensive poker resource from a unique, personal perspective.  This site
provides a wealth of tools and information used in the real life, hands-on experiences of WEC,
a 20 year veteran of both live and online poker.  At WECPoker you can read reviews of the top
real money poker sites available online. Be sure to read the reviews on this site before you play
poker online.

Not only does WECPoker provide you with the benefit of my vast personal poker experience, but
it also keeps tabs on other leading poker sites to ensure you stay informed about all the
happenings in the poker world.

WECpoker keeps you up-to-date on all of it's recommended poker rooms by listing the
ongoing/monthly promotions at each poker site in each sites one page review section.  The site
also recommends casinos and sportsbooks for your enjoyment.

I have had a personal experience with
everything reviewed and recommended on this site.
Online Casinos/Sportsbooks  visit

Online Poker Rooms are hard enough to choose, there are many more Online Casinos and
Sportsbooks to choose from.  I have found the safest places to play are those that are owned
by a respected poker room.  

This section will list several of the well regarded and financially sound online Casinos and
Sportbooks and will include Special Bonus Programs for each listed.  At times, one or more of
these casinos will offer Free Play without a Deposit.  In many cases, the recommended
casinos also are connected to a poker room mentioned above.

Besides the great variety of slots, you will also find craps, Blackjack, Three Card Poker and
many other games at all of the online casinos.  All of the Sportbooks listed offer a wide range
of betting opportunities on sporting events around the world.

You will find Casinos that are affiliated with
Main Street Vegas, PokerTime, Bovada, Bodog, and
Sun Poker

You will find Sportsbooks that are affiliated with
5Dimes, Bovada, and Bodog.
Deposit Options  visit

OK, Now you have decided to play Online Poker for Real Money.  How do you get your funds into
the poker room sites?  This section will describe the best options that are currently available to
transfer your cash into a poker account.

In light of the problems many United States Citizens have encountered in trying to deposit and
move money to different poker rooms, WECpoker has updated this section to include Poker
Site-to-Site Transfer information.

Also note that each listed poker room includes all approved banking options.
Welcome to WECpoker.com
Online Poker Rooms, Tools to improve your game, Bitcoin, More
Who is WEC

Over the years, I have become an MTT (Tournament) Specialist but have vast experience in low
and high limit ring (cash) games and have won Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in BOTH
online and live casino play.  While I have played Casino Poker for over 25 Years, I became a
Full-Time Poker Player 12 Years ago.  When I am not playing Online, I travel to different Casinos
throughout the United States to play .
What you will find at WECpoker

I will point you to the proper destinations to play the best games of poker (online and live),
where to improve your game, where to obtain excellent poker tools, where to obtain important
services, where you can receive rebates on play, which are the best poker books to read, and
even where you can be staked by other players to play, as well as other useful information.

There is not another poker site that connects you to the Poker World like WECpoker, an
independent poker resource made for all types of poker players.

The Site is kept fresh and is updated frequently
The Coyote
Online Poker Rooms  visit

This section will list all the online poker rooms where I play.  You can view a short description
of the room or click a full page description that includes screenshots of the software and keeps
you up-to-date on all of the ongoing/monthly promotions.  You can download the programs
directly from this site or click a link to the individual sites.  You will be able to claim Bonus
Programs for each poker room listed by either direct download from this site or by using the
link provided to the poker room.  At times, one or more rooms may offer Free Real Money Play
for a certain amount without depositing.

No ONE Site is the answer for every single player and it all falls to individual taste.  I think it is
best to try several rooms and see where you personally have the most fun.

Also included are some outstanding poker rooms that I do not currently play, but many friends
have told me are solid places to play poker.  Some top rooms that currently do not serve United
States players are also included in this section.

Current Sites Recommended at WECpoker are
PokerStars, PokerTime, Cake Poker,
Carbon Poker, Bovada, Bodog, PDC Poker, America's CardRoom, Sun Poker.
Rakeback/Rebates for Play  visit

This section will discuss how players can receive rebates on the "rake" they pay to selected
poker rooms.  This is more commonly known as rakeback.  "Propping" or getting paid to play at
certain rooms is also discussed.  The section has been expanded to include recommendations
for two high quality, trustworthy programs that you can access directly from this site.
Poker Books  visit

This section will show WEC's recommended top poker books, videos, and computer games
available to improve your game.  You will be able to read a Product Description, Product Detail,
Editorial Reviews and Customer Reviews.  Then order the books directly from WECpoker
courtesy of Amazon.com.
Staking  visit

This section will detail how poker players are actually receiving funds from other players to play
poker and share in the winnings.  Online Staking has become very successful for both
investors and players.  Recommended organized Staking Sites are also included.
Poker Software/Tracking Programs  visit

This section will discuss several programs that assist players with the evaluation of their poker
game by "tracking" all hands played and the hands of their opponents.  Poker tracking software
packages start by recording all of the information offered by the poker site about each hand that
you play.  They then collate and organize this information so that over time you can analyze your
play and that of your opponents, finding your strengths and weaknesses as well as those of
your opponents.
Competitive Tools  visit

This section will describe several databases that provide information on opponents abilities by
detailing their online playing histories.  Database sites collect tournament results data from
individual poker rooms.  Then, they organize this information in a fashion that can show an
individual players success or failure in the aggregate of all the tournaments they have played at
the individual room.
Poker Training Sites  visit

This section will describe the sites that give online training to improve your game.  All of these
sites feature top professional online players.  If you are new to the game and do not want to
learn by painful experience OR you are an experienced player who is missing a little something
extra to move to the next level, Online Poker Training can definitely teach you the game or
improve your game.

You will also find Two Free Training Videos in this Section including one from David Williams.
Online Forums  visit

This section will point you to several of the most helpful and interesting online poker forums
that are available on the Internet.  Many of these sites provide additional activities in addition to
the forum itself (Freerolls, Staking, News, etc).
Poker News/Information  visit

This section will list many useful websites that deliver important and timely poker news and
Live Poker Rooms  visit

This section will review what I personally believe are some of the best poker rooms in the
United States to play.  There is no shortage of great places to play in all areas of the country,
although most of my experience has been on the West Coast and Midwest.

I have personally played in each of these rooms and recommend not only great places to play
the game of poker, but also fantastic atmosphere and rooms with character.

This section has recommendations for Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, New Mexico,  
Phoenix, Tunica, Minneapolis, and Las Vegas.  A
new page has been added that lists my
recommended Hotels to stay at in Las Vegas that includes a short description based on class.
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