Your path to victory begins with a FREE $1 to play with in the $0.10 pool. Win 10 games there and
we’ll bump it up to $2 to play in the $1 pool. From there you just need to continue fighting for FREE
money bonuses along the way. Each level will give you a bonus boost! Be the first to win 10
games at Level 5 and you'll win $250.

You must complete Levels 1 through 5  in order to receive the free bonus money in each round,
and attempt to claim the overall $250 prize. That means, report to duty at Level 1 in the $0.10 Pool

The Game of WAR
Tactic WAR is similar to the game of WAR that most people are familiar with. It’s the classic
version of this exciting strategy game and sees each player receive 10 cards to play with. For
complete rules and details of each variant, please see the
How to Play section.
As you climb through all 50 Loyalty Levels you'll be completing multiple tiers before advancing,
and of course, collecting multiple rewards within each level.

The Basics
  • Each level has a set number of tiers within it. Lower levels start with one and increase as
    you progress to higher levels.
  • Complete all the tiers in a level to advance to the next level.
  • Every tier you complete pays out according to what level you are. The higher the level you're
    at, the more you make.
  • Once you make it to a Loyalty Level,it's difficult to fall back. The only way you will go
    backwards is if you fail to earn enough FPP over the course of two back-to-back months. In
    that case, you will be returned to level 10. You will NEVER lose a level if you are under level

Turbo Tiers
We reward you every time you complete a tier, no matter how long it takes you. However, the faster
you complete a tier the more rewards you'll reap with Turbo and Super Turbo Bonuses.

Visit the rewards section in the Cake Poker client to view your current level, how many FPP you
need to receive your next reward, Loyalty Levels history and to use our levels calculator to view the
FPP and prize details of every level.
Cake Poker’s journey started in 2004 when a small team of passionate poker players set out
on a mission to design a better poker site. Each core team member brought extensive
experience to the table from all aspects of the gaming industry, including database
management, networking and video game design. In 2006, the ideas came to fruition which
resulted in the start of today's Cake Poker. This single site has blossomed into a full-blown
Poker Network that now includes 60 different internet poker card rooms.

Cake Poker rewards players of all stakes and levels, not just the VIP fat-cats. The industry
leading loyalty and reward programs – Loyalty Levels, Gold Chips and Gold Cards - give
players a piece of monthly instant cash wins, free tournament play and much more.

Cake Poker is an underrated online room that is available to both American and international
poker players that includes terrible players overall and some great promotions not offered by
other major networks. Cake Poker is the only site of the 10 largest in the world, which allows its
players to regularly change their screen names. By allowing Cake Poker players to change their
name every seven days, the advantage of using ID tracking software is mitigated.

Cake Poker is licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao. They operate under
Curacao's leading, regulated and proven Gaming Licensing & Hosting provider, Cyberluck.
Cake Poker
Current promotions

110% First Time Deposit Bonus up to $600
CakePoker will sweeten the deal on your first deposit with a 110% First Time Deposit Bonus of
up to $600 in Bonus Cash.

You’ll be earning Frequent Player Points when playing at any real money ring game or real
money tournament at CakePoker.  For each dollar that is raked at a table where you are dealt
cards, you will earn one Frequent Player Point (FPP).   For each dollar worth of tournament fees
you pay, you’ll earn 7 Frequent Player Points (FPP).  Each FPP is worth $.06 towards your bonus.

Your bonus will be paid back in $5 increments (or less if the last amount in your pending bonus
is less than $5). Each time you earn a payment, your Pending Bonus will decrease until the
balance reaches zero.

You will have three months to earn the funds posted to your Pending Bonus balance.

New Depositor Freerolls
Players making their first deposit with CakePoker will automatically receive a Tournament Ticket
to the New Depositor Freeroll of their choice. A taste of Cake Rewards to come, each Saturday
2 PM New Depositor Freeroll offers players a share of $500.

Poker Reload Bonuses
CakePoker will offer reload bonuses periodically through the year to all players. Watch your
email inbox for the Cake Newsletter and Reload Bonus alerts for any Reload Bonus promotion.

You can layer your Cake bonus offers if you are eligible to receive all offers. For example, if you
are new to Cake Poker and are eligible to receive our 100% First Time Deposit Bonus and we’re
offering a weekend Reload Bonus, you can take advantage of both offers.
Guaranteed Tournaments

Get a piece of our guaranteed Cake daily and weekly tourneys of up to $25K. The 25K
guaranteed runs every Sunday at 5PM EST for $150 + $12 or 650 Gold Chips.
Gold Chips
Gold Chips

CakePoker introduces the Gold Chip rewards program. This unique program is
designed to generously reward you for your frequent play.
When you play at real money games or pay tournament fees, you will earn Frequent Player
Points (FPP). As you accumulate FPPs, you begin to fill in your Gold Chip Meter.  Once your Gold
Chip Meter is full, you will receive a Gold Chip.  Once you earn a Gold Chip, it is yours to keep.
Redeem it whenever you’d like or save it and collect more. The exchange process of FPPs to
Gold Chips is automatic. FPPs accumulated turn in to Gold Chips at a rate of 100 FPP = 1 Gold

Gold Chips are valuable currency at the Cake tables redeemable for buy-ins to exclusive
tournaments as well as some of our largest guarantees. Gold Chips can also be used at the
Cake Shop.
Gold Cards
Gold Cards

You're eligible for Gold when seated at any of low, medium or high stakes Real
Money ring games.  The Random Number Generator (RNG) will release one Gold
Card from the Vault each time it reaches a certain amount of rake (as such, Gold
Cards will fall more frequently in higher limit games). If the Gold Card released
matches one of your hole cards, you've struck Gold even if you have folded out of the
hand.  Gold Cards give you access to over $100,000 in monthly cash and prizes.
What is the value of a Gold Card?

While some offer instant value on their own, others may increase in value as your collection
grows and time passes. How you use them is the fun part. Before redeeming your cards for a
reward get familiar with judging their value by the following indicators:

By Card - In a regular deck of cards, each individual card holds a different value based on its
number or face, and its suit; Gold Cards are no different. The less the odds are of receiving a
given card, the more valuable it is likely to be.

By Year - A sash is displayed on every Gold Card you receive. The older a card is, the more
valuable it becomes. You’ll notice that Gold Card Tournaments prize pools and value are better
the higher the Gold Card buy-in is. For example, a 2008 King of Clubs Gold Card buy-in event
will be much sweeter than a Two of Clubs one.
Cake Poker Lobby
Cake Poker Lobby
Cake Poker Table
Cake Poker Table
Cake Poker
Cake Poker
Cake Poker
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Cake Poker
In tournament blackjack, there is no house advantage; players compete against each others’
chip stacks while drawing against the dealer. The object of the game is to have more chips
than your opponents at the end of the tournament. It doesn’t matter how many chips a player
wins by as the winner is determined by which player has the most chips when the rounds are

We currently offer 2 Types of Blackjack Tournaments: Single Tournaments & Multi
Tournaments. We have FREE GAMES (Entry fee uses 'Play Money') and we have REAL
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Irish Open 2012  (April 6th to 9th )

Join the lucky Irish this April in Dublin for the Irish Open 2012.

Cake is pleased as a penny to offer satellites for the fifth year in a row to Europe's longest
running tournament, the Irish Poker Open.In the early 1980's, Doyle Brunson, Stu Ungar and
Amarillo Slim made anEaster pilgrimage to Dublin to compete against the best of the Irish.The
tradition continues decades later.

The Irish Poker Open 2012 features €3,500 main event playing April 6th to 9th at The Burlington
Hotel, located just a wee ways from the center Dublin.

Daily satellites will begin Sunday, December 18th and feed our very first qualifier, on Sunday,
January 8th. Each tournament will award a $6,000 USD prize package to the live event!
Cake Games
$1000 Bankroll Freeroll

To get your entry into the weekly $1000 CakePoker Bankroll Freeroll (Saturday at 2:15PM EST),
players must qualify by earning their seat in one of five daily $1,000 Bankroll Freeroll Satellites,
where the top 7 players win a seat to the $1000 Freeroll.
Get ready to ring in the New Year with cash, and lots of it. The New Year brings with it the possible
end of the world and a whole new, crisp out of the packet deck of Gold Cards sporting a shiny
2012 sash. We're celebrating by offering up to $10,000 cash all month long.

US Players Allowed
Loyalty Levels

Loyalty Levels is our instant rewards program that awards players with cash
and Gold Chips for earning Frequent Player Points (FPP) to complete Tiers.
Just as there is a designated number of FPPs to earn per tier, there's a
designated number of tiers to complete to advance a level.
Cake War - Your Battlefield Awaits

Try WAR with a FREE $1 for Level 1. Climb through Levels and earn bonuses
along the way!
Cake Tourney Blackjack

Cake Tourney Blackjack offers players the excitement of the popular casino
game of blackjack, but in a more strategic tournament style.
Gold Cards Match & Win - January 2012

Starting January 1st all you have to do is simply earn an Ace Gold Card to win
up to $10,000 cash.
Super Poker 2012

Win a seat in Europe's Super Poker event playing in Dublin, Ireland.

'Super 2012' is estimated to be Europe’s largest ever poker tournament with 4,000 poker
players all sitting down at once to play in a fully dealer dealt professionally run poker tournament
in Dublin, Ireland.

With an estimated prize-pool of €1.2 million, the first portion of Super 2012 will play February
25th - 26th at the newly opened CityWest International Conference and Events Center at
CityWest Hotel. The final day of the event is held on March 31st when the final 8 players are
flown to a secure location to battle it out as the action is streamed live on the Internet.

Cake wants you to get a piece of the Irish action with a $1,000 Super 2010 prize package.