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The Ultimate Tool For Increasing Poker Profitability is predominantly a resource to find statistics on your sit and go tournament
opponents, although they have expanded their coverage to include regular tournaments as well.
The information it provides is rather in depth, complete with graphs, recent games, ROI%,
average stake and total profit. SharkScope also adds further analysis by adding hot, tilt, and
super tilt labels to player who are either blowing or building their bankroll.

SharkScope is the most complete database of online poker sit n' go tournament results
available for the
PokerStars, FullTilt, CryptoLogic, Ongame, Pacific, Party Poker, iPoker (Sun,
Mansion), IPN, Sky Poker, Everest, Merge, Svenska Spel, GiocoDigitale, Cake, Betfair,,,  and PKR networks.  Support for
Cereus, Microgaming, Bodog, LSP,
Everleaf, Peoples Poker, PokerClub, and Entraction is now in Beta test.

Analyze your statistics to find out where you make all your money or use the Tournament
Selector to find the easiest tournaments on the internet.  SharkScope now also covers some live
events with a complete database of WPT tournaments.

You are allowed 5 free searches per day. SharkScope offers subscriptions for those that need
more than 5 free searched per day.  SharkScope accepts Visa, Mastercard, Moneybookers and

Tired of typing in usernames to see player's statistics? The SharkScope HUD solves that by
placing the statistics directly on your table. It's available for free to all subscribers with 500
searches per day or more and requires Windows 7, XP or Vista.
Shark Scope
A lot of players have often mentioned playing poker on the internet has the biggest disadvantage
of all – and that is not being able to see your opponent across the table.  Actually, on the internet
you have tools that will give you an advantage over live play to track and monitor your opponent’s
activities.  You can actually check out your opponents to see if they are complete fish or pros and
adjust your game accordingly.  In this section I list my favorite "Database" tools.  In the
Programs section, you will find my favorite "Tracking" tools.

Database sites collect tournament results data from individual poker rooms.  Then, they organize
this information in a fashion that can show an individual players success or failure in the
aggregate of all the tournaments they have played at the individual room. (owned by Bluff Magazine) is a database source for tracking online
tournaments and players.  The site collects tournament data from the major online sites
PokerStars,  Absolute Poker, UltimateBet, FullTiltPoker, PartyPoker and Bodog), and sorts it so
that you can see the total amount of money that a person has won, what their ROI is, how many
final tables that they have made and other useful information.  In addition, they also cover
PokerStars satellites and MTT SitNGos from March 2007 on.

The database covers the following time periods for each site:

PokerStars: 2/2/2004-current
Full Tilt Poker: 6/4/2006-current
Ultimate Bet: 7/3/2006-current
Bodog: 11/2/2006-current
Absolute Poker: 1/1/2007-current

One of the most convenient and useful features within ThePokerDB is the ability to perform a
simultaneous “Table Look Up” while you are playing a tournament. You can search for a whole
table of players simply by pasting a hand history into the search box provided, which generates
clickable links for everyone at your table.

Besides the sleek statistical information available, you can also find features including the
Online Poker's Sunday Report  (reviews all large Sunday Tournys); Online Poker Players
Rankings System (broken into three groups based on buy-ins); Online Poker Tournament
Schedule (displays Tournys approaching in next 2 hours); and Recently Completed Online
Poker Tournaments (displays the last 50 completed tournaments based on the applied filter).

If you play MTT’s (MultiTableTournaments) at any major sites, this should be at the top of your
bookmark list.  Registration to is free and allows access to the basic
tournament information. Additional statistics are only available to paid subscribers.
Official Poker Rankings (OPR) is another source for online poker rankings with tournament
poker results, player statistics and poker site rankings for online poker players.  The site
provides coverage for
Full Tilt, PokerStars, Party, and Ongame Network poker rooms.

Search and lookup poker results, poker ratings, poker rankings, poker standings, summaries
and poker statistics with all information including prizes, profit, ROI, ITM (InTheMoney) and exact
finish for yourself and opponents. The Official Poker Rankings poker database includes poker
results, poker stats and poker player rankings from multi table poker tournaments (MTT),
selected satellite tourneys and larger multi table sit-and-go (SNG) tournaments.

Poker statistics for all online poker players are updated real time and online poker results and
rankings are added to OPR every hour. Poker standings and all poker players ratings and the
OPR poker, OPR profit and OPR prize ladder rankings are updated daily.

This is a completely free service (requires registration).
NH BRA is a web-based database of online poker cash game tables from the most popular
poker sites. The main focus is tracking the latest data on thousands of active (current) poker
tables and displaying that data in a format that's easy to customize, and useful to anyone
interested in online poker.  The NH BRA database tracks everything from the highest stakes to
the lowest (micro stakes) and tracks more than 30 variations of poker cash games, some with
only one or two active tables.

What advantage does NH BRA provide to poker players?
NH BRA should be your first step in optimizing your choice of opponents in online cash poker.
NH BRA tracks "Average Pot Size" and "Saw Flop Percentage (%)" for every table in the
database. These two values are key indicators of how good a table would be to play on.

Different poker sites are better for certain games and stakes. NH BRA provides detailed
breakdowns of all the different networks and games, which allows you to choose the optimal
poker sites to play on.

Once you choose your sites, you can view a list of tables for the exact type of poker game you
play, across multiple poker networks. You can set up custom alerts (popup windows and AIM)
for when new tables are available with the criteria you selected. And with  "one-click-open
software", you can even directly join the tables you find.

Tournaments and Sit n Goes
You can now use NH BRA to track information on Tournaments and Sit n Goes for 27 Networks.
You can check all upcoming MTTs and Sit n Goes as well as Past MTTs and the Largest Prize
Pools offered in the last 24 Hours/week/month.
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personal information is given
Sports Betting at the Sportsbook
RakeTheRake, the rakeback professionals, offering up to 60% rakeback
RakeTheRake, the rakeback professionals, offering up to 60% rakeback
RakeTheRake, the rakeback professionals, offering up to 60% rakeback
Cake Poker
Bet at 5Dimes
Stats for Poker is an alternative player tracking service that does not remove players
from their database.   So if you can't find a player because they've blocked their stats on one
of their competitor sites, you can find them on StatsForPoker.

You can check SNG and tourney player statistics for all players at
Absolute Poker,
Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, Ultimate Bet, and Party Poker.

Stats included are the amount of money a player has won or lost over time, how often a
player wins or loses, and what buy in levels a player typically plays. They have eliminated the
cumbersome typing of player names and instead offer one click software to scan the entire
table and then produce a heads up display that is placed right on your poker table.

This combination of ease of use, and the stats you want to see, makes StatsForPoker a
unique choice for player tracking.

This service costs $19.99 monthly.  3 Free searches of Full Tilt data per day..
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HOME is a collection of useful tools designed to help cash-game poker
players maximize their online profits. The current suite of tools includes a real time Table
Selector, Player Research Tool, and a Player vs. Opponent Tracker.

PTR provides the best available table selection information in real time with the click of a
button. Their massive database of player stats instantly calculates the quality of play across
hundreds of tables. Simply enter in the types of tables you would like to compare, hit search,
sit at the best tables, and rake in the pots.

The site uses a database of compiled player results to assess the quality of play at online
poker tables. The players at each table are evaluated based upon their VP$IP, long term
losses vs. long term winnings, and the total amount of data recorded for the players. Each
player’s data is then compiled to provide a composite rating for that table. If the rating is
high, you can be assured that you will be playing at a soft table with huge potential profits. If
the rating is low, you can avoid that table and spend your time in a more profitable game.

The "Table Selector" tool currently supports Hold'em games at
PokerStars, Full Tilt, Bodog,
Party, Ongame Network, Cereus Network and iPoker Network at all stake levels. The "Player
Search" and "Player vs Opponent" tools currently support PokerStars, Full Tilt, Bodog,
PartyPoker, the Cereus Network, and iPoker at $.5/$1 NL and higher, and $2/4 Fixed Limit
and higher. Support for Omaha is now available at PartyPoker, PokerStars and Full Tilt
Poker on all stakes.

Recently, PTR went from a Free Service to a subscription based model.  Now, people are
allowed only 5 free searches per day.  You can also purchase bulk Hand Histories from PTR.