Online Poker Forums
Online Poker Forums have exploded onto the net.  The surprising thing is that so many of
these sites maintain excellent quality.  I think it is a sure sign that poker will continue its online
growth for some time.  I am expanding my recommendations of excellent forums so that
readers of WECpoker can have a wider choice of communities to explore.
The Two Plus Two Forums

Established in 1997, The Two Plus Two Forums are one of the largest online poker forums on
the internet.  It is run by Two Plus Two Publishing, who publish books by David Sklansky, Mason
Malmuth, Ray Zee, and Lynne Loomis.  Two Plus Two Publishing has sold over one million
books and currently has 32 titles to its credit.

The Two Plus Two Poker Forums provide thought provoking discussions on poker and gaming
topics. With one of the strongest poker and gaming communities, members can expect to find
up to date news, poker instruction, gossip, and even book reviews. The Owners state the poker
forum has 200,000 members and more than 20,000,000 posts including the poker archives,
making them the leading resource for online poker strategy. The poker forums cover all aspects
of gaming and other topics of interest to the poker community.

Two Plus Two PokerCast
Listen to the 2+2 PokerCast presented by PokerStars VIP Club and hosted by Mike Johnson &
Adam Schwartz. The show features the latest poker tournament news, gossip from the poker
world and strategy tips from noted poker authors.

Poker Bonus Program
Non-US online poker players can receive five free poker books from Two Plus Two in the
exclusive Poker Bonus Program. In order to qualify you will need to sign up to one of their
participating poker rooms.

Online Poker Magazine
The online poker strategy magazine is available each month and offers top quality poker and
gaming information, vigorous debate, and a little bit of fun. The monthly poker magazine is free
and includes articles written by many of the 2+2 authors.

Two Plus Two Poker Blogs
Read the latest thoughts and news on our Poker Blogs. Contributing writers include some of
our 2+2 authors and posters such as David Sklansky and Ray Zee.

If you are looking for good answers to your poker questions, want to learn what is going on in
the poker community, or just want to enjoy a healthy poker debate, I suggest visiting the forums
at Two Plus Two.  

I find the site a bit overwhelming....but in reality it just has so MUCH information about so many
different topics spread out over so many different individual forums.

The original Usenet newsgroup, RGP covers the broadest range of poker topics. The google
archives of this newsgroup are a treasure chest going back to the mid 1990s. In 2003 there
were over 160,000 posts, so whatever your question is there's a good chance that you'll find the
answer there already. And if not, there are many thousands of readers ready to join in a new
discussion with you.

I used to read this forum quite often, but lately you have to fight through so many useless, time
wasting posts it has become a much less valuable source.  As an unmonitored forum, this
newsgroup has some great information. Unfortunately, since it is not censored, one must often
sift through a number of posts containing inaccurate information, gossip, and lies to get to the
good information.

NeverwinPoker is the home of Tony G, Dustin Woolf, Todd Witteles, Bryan Micon, and an
uncensored poker forum that occasionally discusses poker.  NeverwinPoker provides valuable
tools for its community members, including blogs, a picture gallery, and a PokerStars currency
exchange.  They describe themselves as a community with a collection of the filthiest
degenerates around.  

The controversial site is the only truly uncensored community among poker's big forums.  As an
example, there is a special section where members can post their favorite pictures of nude
females--Or pull pranks, where obscene pictures of naked men and naked elderly women pop
up where a hot model was supposed to appear.
United Poker Forum

This forum was originally hosted by authors Mike Caro and Roy Cooke and is a  poker
discussion group.  One of the best features of the forum is an excellent section of the site
"Poker Bonuses and Promotions" where you can find excellent poker and casino offers.
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PokerDIY is the lovechild of the union between a social network for poker players and online
poker league software.  It was created to make poker league management a less tedious task,
and to solve the problem of an easy way to record and track poker games results over a period
of time.

PokerDIY connects poker players, and allows you to find live/home poker games in your area as
well as players for your tourneys. You can join poker groups of like-minded people and start
poker leagues with interested players. Add to that the normal poker-related resources, a great,
friendly Poker Forum, poker content and other useful tools to make a poker player's life easier,
and you have this valuable service available for anyone to use around the globe, all for free, and
always for free.
SITEMAP/Contact Us
HOME is a tremendous forum with vibrant sections for just about every aspect in life,
including a close-knit poker community.  Don't let the fact the site is based in Ireland and many
sections revolve around Irish life bother you.  They are very friendly, welcoming group to all who
visit and join as members.

Cardschat is an independent poker forum that was started in 2004 and has quickly grown to be
one of the leading poker forums on the internet with over 40,000 members. Cardschat also
offers a range of extra resources to help players improve their poker game with a
comprehensive poker strategy section full of articles such as the exclusive, in-depth online
poker guide.  They have reviewed the best poker sites and offer a top list of poker sites
accepting US players, as well as poker bonuses that are exclusive to Cardschat.
Blonde Poker

In just two years, Blonde Poker has become one of Europe's most popular and respected
poker portals., including a popular poker forum (and even its own online poker room).

Established by TV’s Tony ‘tikay’ Kendall and esteemed poker pro Dave ‘El Blondie’ Colclough,
blonde poker has over 5,000 members. The poker forum has formed the foundations of a
friendly, educational and entertaining online community, and one that attracts poker
enthusiasts from all across Europe, but accepts members from all over the World.

As well as a constant supply of news, articles, interviews, galleries and results (and much
more), they also possess their own Blonde poker cardroom, recently integrated into the
Playtech (ipoker) network.

Casinomeister is dedicated to provide information and news on online gambling, online
casinos, player issues, and industry events.  They have been providing both players and
operators crucial online casino information for a decade.

The Pitch a Bitch (PAB) service opened July 2001 and has been helping players get their
issues with online casinos resolved ever since. The mission is to provide information and
complaint histories so that the free flow of information about online casinos, both good and
bad, would protect the consumer.
Full Contact Poker is best known for having Daniel Negreanu as its most popular member.  
As Daniel cruised through the 2004 professional poker circuit, earning Player of the Year
honors, he documented all of the highs and lows in his blog featured on this website. Daniel’s
written blog has been a mainstay on and in 2006 the site added some
video blogs of Daniel and friends. Negreanu is also a regular contributor in the FCP forums.

FCP originated as an online forum for poker fans to congregate and discuss the world of poker
during its explosive growth in 2004. Since then, this website has attracted thousands of forum
members and a true “community” has formed- The FCP Community.   FCP has become a
place where you can hang out and chat with other poker fans, learn poker strategies from a top
professional and many other accomplished online players and enter various community
contests or exclusive promotions.
Liquid Poker

Liquid Poker has a funky, unattractive set-up for its forums, but it has an extremely active
community.  Besides the Poker forum, the site includes news, blogs, room reviews and hand
sharing tools.
Eat My Stack

Eat My Stack is the UK's number 1 poker forum.  The site also offers a wealth of special events,
added value tournaments and promotions, as well as a thriving community of players who
seem to love the game of poker.  StakeAShark is Eat My Stack's sister site for the staking
Online Poker Room and Poker Tournaments - Carbon Poker
Bet at 5Dimes
Full Tilt Poker Forum

Extremely active forum exclusively for members of Full Tilt Poker.  You can connect and share
your thoughts and game play with players around the world. There are plenty of categories filled
with lots of topics, from everything to general questions to poker games to poker tournaments.
There’s even a German section if Deutsche is your native language. The Full Tilt Poker Forum
has a Team Full Tilt Section for the pros that is in the works also.

Phil Ivey has a special section dedicated to all his fans. The Full Tilt Poker Academy also hosts
a complete section on the forums.
Surfers Poker

A complete Online Poker site that includes an active, extensive staking section.  Surfers Poker is
a friendly poker forum, run and moderated by poker players with a wide range of expereince.

For those starting out playing poker have a look at the How to play poker page, which describes
how to play all the poker games, including the most popular ones like Texas Holdem and
Omaha. For new players there are also site reviews. For slightly more advanced players have a
look at the Poker Strategy page, which contains lots of articles and advice for aspiring poker