Full Tilt Poker
Full Tilt Poker is the second largest online poker room which opened in June 2004 with the
involvement of a team of poker professionals including Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey, Andy Bloch,
Mike Matusow, Jennifer Harman and Chris Ferguson.

Full Tilt offers both Windows and Mac software with equal features.

Team Full Tilt, is made up of the pro players who play regularly on the site and are considered
full-fledged members, includes professional players Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey, Andy Bloch, Mike
Matusow, Jennifer Harman, John Juanda, Phil Gordon, Erick Lindgren, Erik Seidel, Gus Hansen,
Allen Cunningham and Patrik Antonius.

In addition to Team Full Tilt, several notable pros are "Full Tilt Pros," who are sponsored by the
site but are not full-fledged members. This group includes Farzad Bonyadi, David Chiu,
John D'Agostino, Layne Flack, Perry Friedman, Rafe Furst, David Grey, Berry Johnston, Eli Elezra,
Jeff Madsen, Paul Wasicka, Erica Schoenberg, Mark Vos, Brad Booth, Nenad Medic, Eddy Scharf,
Carlos Mortensen, Chip Jett, Karina Jett, David Oppenheim, Roland de Wolfe, Robert Mizrachi,
Michael Craig, Andrew Black, Huck Seed, Rob Hollink, Gavin Smith and Lee Watkinson .

The Hendon Mob (Joe Beevers, Ram Vaswani, Barny and Ross Boatman) also makes its online
home at Full Tilt.

The Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) is Full Tilt's flagship poker tournament series that
offers large prize pools (over $15 Million) in numerous tournaments stretched out over a 10 day

Games offered include Texas hold 'em, Omaha High and Hi-Lo, Razz, Seven Card Stud, Stud
Hi-Lo, and mixed games including H.O.R.S.E., HOSE, and HA (Hold'em and Omaha).
Current promotions

100% First-Time Deposit Bonus up to $600
Full Tilt Poker is offering deposit bonuses to new players. New sign-ups will receive a 100%
matching bonus up to $600 on your initial deposit to Full Tilt Poker.

This is one of the most generous sign-up bonus anywhere online. Simply start playing at any
real-money games, Sit & Gos, or tournaments, and you'll start earning Full Tilt Points right away.
As your points total grows, cash will be put in the account in increments. You have 120 days to
earn your deposit bonus.

Poker Bonuses
From time to time, Full Tilt Poker makes special bonuses available to existing players. They
publicize these bonuses via email.
Full Tilt Poker Lobby
Full Tilt Poker Table
Operating System Compatibility

Full Tilt offers both Windows and Mac software with equal features. It has also been successfully
run under the Linux OS using Wine.

Room Limits

FullTilt Poker.com offers their players a wide variety of stakes:

Limit Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo
Minimum $0.25/$0.50 up to $1000/$2000

Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo
Minimum $0.05/$0.10 up to $200/$400 for Hi/Lo Games and $500/$1000 for Omaha Games

No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
Minimum $0.05/$0.10 up to $50/$100

Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo
Minimum $0.25/$0.50 up to $1000/$2000

Pot Limit Holdem, No Limit  Holdem
Minimum $0.05/$0.10 up to $10/$20 for Pot Limit Games and $500/$1000 No Limit Games

Mixed Games (HORSE, HOSE, HA, HO)
Minimum $0.25/$0.50 up to $300/$600 HA, $1000/$2000 HO/HOSE, $2000/$4000 HORSE

Minimum $0.25/$0.50 up to $1000/$2000

Real Money Deposits

Currently, real money deposits are accepted in several ways shown below:

  • Visa or MasterCard credit card
  • ATM, check, or debit card
  • Click2Pay
  • Cash Transfer
  • Instant eChecks
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Full Tilt Points

Full Tilt Points are our way of giving back to any player who participates in a real-money game on
Full Tilt Poker - the more you play, the more points you earn. Use your points to get gear from the
Full Tilt Poker Store or enter exclusive Full Tilt Points tournaments.

Start earning Full Tilt Points by playing in any qualifying raked real-money hand in a ring game or
a real-money Multi-Table Tournament or Sit & Go with a tournament fee:

Ring Games: For each dollar raked from a pot, every player who was dealt cards for that hand
will receive 1 Full Tilt Point.  Fractional points are also awarded.
Tournaments: For every dollar paid in Multi-Table Tournament or Sit & Go fees, you'll receive 7
Full Tilt Points. There is no limit to the number of points you can earn per tournament.

Earn double or even triple Full Tilt Points just by playing in your favorite ring games and
tournaments during our daily Happy Hour periods. Look for specially designated tables with the
"smiley face" next to them in the game lobby to start earning points faster. Your bonus points will
automatically appear in your account, so all you have to worry about is how to spend them.
Iron Man Challenge ($100,000)

Play for exclusive Iron Man Challenge gear and prizes, and the chance to play
three of our red pros heads up for up to $100,000.
Dedication. It's when players hit the table every day. They're tough to beat, because they've
stared across miles of felt and flipped over thousands of cards.  There's also another type of
dedication, which is when you show your appreciation for a special group of people. That's why
every player who reaches
Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Iron status will receive special Iron Man
medals each month, based on their performance.

Over the course of any month, players can achieve one of four status levels based on their daily
accumulation of Full Tilt points. You can redeem Iron Man medals in our exclusive Iron Man
Challenge Store for tournament tokens, cash bonuses, the chance to create your own tables,
and more.  Qualifying for our Iron Man Challenge begins the 1st at 00:00 ET and runs until the
last day of the month at 23:59 ET.

Iron Man Bonuses
As a reward for our Iron Man Challenge players, we are offering special bonuses that can earn
you over $100,000 in additional prize money or extra Iron Man Challenge medals.

If you're just starting out in our Iron Man Challenge, be sure to check out our One A Day Freeroll
where earning just one point per day each day of the month will qualify you to play in a special
$2,000 Freeroll.

Bonus Freerolls
For some players, becoming a Full Tilt Poker Iron Man is about more than medals. That's why
we offer you the chance to put your metal to the test in one of our four monthly Freeroll

Compete for the first-place prize money and the chance to face the other three Freeroll
champions in a four-player shootout tournament where the winner will walk away with an
additional $5K.

What's more, the winner of the Sit & Go tournament will go on to play three of our red Full Tilt
Poker pros in consecutive heads-up matches. Beat one pro, and we'll give you $5,000 on top of
your previous winnings. Beat two pros, and we'll give you $10,000. If you are a Bronze, Silver or
Gold Freeroll winner and beat all three, we'll give you $50,000. But, if you are the winner of the
Iron Man Freeroll and scoop all three matches, we'll give you an extra $50,000 for a total of

Iron Man Plus
For those of you who go beyond 200 points a day, we have Iron Man Plus. By earning a
minimum of 500 Full Tilt Points in a day - and qualifying for any of the four Iron Man Levels - you
can earn extra Iron Man medals for use in our Iron Man Store. With each new plateau you reach,
you will earn more medals.

Our biggest Guarantee tournament of the week just got even bigger.
Join us at 17:00 ET on Sunday to play for the winner's share of a prize
pool guaranteed to be worth at least $750,000.
SUNDAY BRAWL ($350K Guaranteed)

Play this exciting Knockout Bounty tournament every Sunday at 14:00 ET (19:00
GMT) for $240 + $16 and see if you have what it takes to become the champ.
$200 from your buy-in will go to the $350K guaranteed prize pool, while $40 will
go to the Knockout Bounty pool. Take another player out of the tournament and
their $40 will be instantly deposited into your account.
Registration for this giant tournament costs just $216 with satellites starting for as little as
$2 + $.25. You can also win your way in using just 300 Full Tilt Poker points.

Win as many satellites as you can to participate in this week's $750K Guarantee Satellite
Challenge. First place gets $400 and second place gets $200.
The Doubles

Now you can double your chances to win each day by playing for your
share of our three daily progressive jackpots.
Enter both tournaments in either the Early Double, the Daily Double or the Big Double and you
can walk away with your tournament winnings and your piece of each event’s jackpot. Hit the
Triple Double by winning each of the six Doubles tournaments anytime over the course of a
qualifying month and we’ll make you an instant millionaire.

Enter both tournaments in either the Early Double, Daily Double or Big Double and you can win
a share of today’s jackpots.

  • Double Cash 3% All players who cash in both tournaments (shared equally)
  • Best Double Finish 2% The player averaging the highest finish in both tournaments
  • Double Final Table 20% All players who reach both final tables (shared equally)
  • Double Win 75% Any player who wins both tournaments
Full Tilt Poker Leaderboards

Competition - it's what makes the poker world go round. Now you
can see how you rank on any of our Full Tilt Poker Leaderboards.
Hit the tables hard and see your name atop one of our
Leaderboards today.
Full Tilt Poker will offer Tournament Leaderboards where online players will compete to earn
prizes, based on their tournament results. Players will have the opportunity to earn points on
three separate leaderboards:

  • Multi-Table
  • SNG (High Limit)
  • SNG (Low Limit)

At the end of the qualifying period, players will be awarded prizes based on their ranking on
each leaderboard.
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Play Rush Poker – the World’s Fastest Poker Game!

Warning: Rush Poker* is extremely fast paced – prepare yourself
for the most intense poker action in the world!
Available exclusively at Full Tilt Poker, Rush Poker* is the ultimate high-speed poker experience.
This new poker format is designed to minimize your wait time between hands and keep you in
the action. You’ll join a large player pool and face a different table of opponents every hand you
play. When you fold your hand, you’ll be rushed to another table for a new hand right away.

You’ll post the big blind when you first join a Rush Poker* game. After that, the player who has
gone the longest without posting will be the big blind for that hand. Posting of the small blind and
other seating positions are randomized for each hand. When you fold your hand, you’ll be moved
to another table for your next hand.
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45 Events - 1/10th of the buy-in!

Starting on Sunday, March 6th, MiniFTOPS features the same events as FTOPS, but all at
approximately 1/10th of the buy-in. Series highlights include:

Buy in to any MiniFTOPS event directly now, or satellite your way in for as little as $0.50 or 50 Full
Tilt Points starting on August 16th. Remember to take on the MiniFTOPS XVII Satellite Challenge
for the chance to win extra tournament buy-ins and Tournament Dollars.

MiniFTOPS Prizes

There is more than money on the line when you play in a MiniFTOPS event. All players who make
the final table of a MiniFTOPS event will receive a limited-edition MiniFTOPS jacket. Winners from
each event will receive the jacket and a silver MiniFTOPS jersey to go along with their 1st place
prize money.

Finish 1st on the MiniFTOPS Leaderboard and receive a special prize package which includes
entry to every FTOPS XVIII event (except the Two-Day Event). The prize package is expected to be
worth approximately $14,000 in tournament entries    
Play Online Poker
Play Online Poker
MiniFTOPS XIX (Mar 6-20)

Play in MiniFTOPS this March for your chance to turn a small buy-in into a
huge score. Get in on the action of the 45 FTOPS XIX events at a fraction of
the price and win your share of more than $8 million in guaranteed prize
The Big Little Tournament ($2 Buyin $100K Guarantee)

Full Tilt Poker’s Big Little Tournament series returns with $100,000
guaranteed tournaments featuring buy-ins of $2 + $0.20. With a
guaranteed first-place prize of $9,000, the Big Little Tournament is
your chance to turn a small buy-in into a huge score.
Play for a piece of $100K for just $2 + $0.20 every Sunday.  The tournament begins at 11:30 ET
from March 13th onwards.  Take up to six shots at the six-figure prize pool, with the Big Little
Tournament’s Multi-Entry Tournament format.  Each of your entries will be dealt its own hand and
start with its own 1,500-chip stack. You can also use the additional entries as a “second life” if
your first entry gets busted before the late registration period closes at the end of level six.  
$100K First Deposit Freeroll

Make your first real-money deposit on Full Tilt Poker to receive free
entry to our exclusive $100K First Deposit Freeroll.  In addition to
your free Tournament Ticket for the $100K First Deposit Freeroll
tournament, once you open a real-money account and deposit, you
will automatically receive your 100% First Deposit Bonus up to
After making their initial deposit, players will receive their Tournament Ticket for the $100K First
Deposit Freeroll, which runs at 15:30 ET on the first Sunday of the month. Players must register
for their $100K First Deposit Freeroll through the Freeroll tournament lobby.