Recommended Las Vegas Hotels
Here is my personal Las Vegas Hotel Recommended List based on my own travels and
experiences in Las Vegas.  You can search the web for travel sites that tell you where to stay, but
here you can find the ideas of a fellow poker player.

I have been very lucky for the opportunity to do a LOT of SINNING in Vegas and have stayed at
many locations. I have stayed at all listed Hotels multiple times.

One thing I think is matter the class of Hotel, I have NEVER stayed somewhere in
Vegas that was so bad I would not return. Even in the cheapest rooms Vegas maintains a
reasonable level of cleanliness etc. About the worst I have ever encountered is shortsheeting on
the beds. This might not be the case in one of the cheap motels downtown etc, and I would never
suggest staying at one of the motels away from the strip anyway. <note I said Motel>

I have split the hotels based on level of accommodations.  Sometimes you go to town with
money to spend on lavish digs, other times you are traveling on the cheap and are just looking
for any decent place to sleep after long hours of playing.

NOTE: I have never stayed at
Bellagio or Wynn but no question they would be at the very top of
my favorites if I had.

My Favorites (I always look most forward to stays here)

Caesars - First LV Hotel I stayed at, remains one of my all-time favorites. Fantastic Rooms- I try
to get the round beds w/Bath next to it. Several Fantastic Restuarants, Super Location, 1st Class

Venetian - I just love this place. Another great hotel to take a date. The place makes you feel like
you are in an Italian Museum. Beauty all around. And the Hotel Suite is a romantic set-up with the
sunken living room. There is something about the bed being above you.....

MGM Grand - Any time. The rooms are 1st class. The hotel one of the best in town to eat or
gamble. Ive seen more people hit slot jackpots here than anywhere else in town. I got upgraded
once to one of their Two Floor Suites w/butler. Heaven.

Mandalay Bay - Very nice rooms, 1st class property. I suggest you go here without a date since
there are so many drunk HOT women crawling all over the place. Some of the best drinking
places in town.

Next Level Down - Still Top Notch

Treasure Island - Top quality rooms. Great Casino and perfect location. If a little noise bothers
you it might not be your place since the Pirate Show blows up several times a night (if you are
even in the room then).

Paris - Nice sized rooms. Very classy Paris setting. Although the food here is quite expensive for
what you are getting (but I get a lot of comps at Harrah's so it doesn't bother me)

Bally's - Older hotel but I love the large rooms here. They have done a good job refurbishing the
hotel over the years

Las Vegas Hilton - Older and off-the-strip but it also has large, comfortable rooms. Top quality
hotel and casino.  Always has one or two good shows as well.

Monte Carlo - I like it here, plus the Poker Room is a nice little gem for small limits. Great
Location and good looking property with an airy Casino.

Golden Nugget - If you must stay Downtown....This is the preferred place by a mile. Rooms are
highest quality. Casino is Tops for Downtown and feels like you are on the Strip (until you wake
up upon leaving the front door)

Good Hotels

The Orleans - Highest quality room for the price. Off the Strip a Bit..and you don't belong in the
neighborhood here walking around after dark. Large Casino with everything you might need
(Poker, Bowling, Movies, Hot Waitresses, Reasonable Food)

Rio - Off the Strip. Beautiful Hotel and Casino. Rooms are all "suites" but basically large rooms.
Freakish designer who put round windows from living area to bathroom for your guests to peak

Flamingo - Nothing wrong with the nice rooms at this beautiful old lady. Best Location. Airy
Casino unlike so many where everything is shoved together.

Alexis Park - Nice little non-casino, Suite Hotel with separate living room across the street from
The Hard Rock Hotel. Rates can be a very good bargain. (getting a slight bit old but still ok)

La Quinta Paradise- Off-the-Strip but in a good location just a few shakes to the main strip. Free
Hi Speed Internet always works well. Medium quality hotel room in nice garden setting.

Excalibur - Very Basic Hotel room. Huge Casino with interesting attractions especially if you are
a kid at heart (or bringing them). I used to stay here when rooms were $29 a night, so I don't stay
here anymore.

4-Queens - Next best Hotel to stay Downtown after Golden Nugget. Good Rooms. Good Casino.
Golden Nugget next door.

Cheap and OK

Tropicana - Getting dated and hasn't been updated like many of the other hotels. But good price
and large rooms. MGM, NYNY and Monorail directly across the street

Circus Circus - Not the best of locations....but they have kept the rooms clean and have
refurbished over the years. Many people are surprised at the rooms quality given the low price.
Original Brand of Mandalay Bay Group. Obviously know as top children's destination so be
prepared for lots of kids.

Motel 6 - Obviously Super Basic Room for use only for sleeping after many hours outside
playing. Great spot across the street from Hooters and MGM. If you are on a budget, great place
to stay to save your money for poker/gambling

Imperial Palace - Great Location.....I would pass directly from rooms past the casino and out the
door. The rooms range from Basic to Motel6-like. Sleep only - Dont bring Wife or especially
girlfriend here.

Main Street Station - Downtown. Quality rooms at bargain minded prices.

Riveria - The rooms are OK, I stay here if I can get a good deal. Refurbished a few years back so
it isn't as dated, as say, the Tropicana. Not a bad place.

Binion's - Rooms are OK. Casino is dated. Class of people Downtown is lower to say the least.
Spend Millions and build something nice or tear down this place and bury the many spots where
people have spit on the floor

Sahara - I will include it in the OK, but mostly because the property is ok once you leave the
room. Cheap prices and many rooms reflect the bargain. If you look the place up on the Hotel
Review Sites you will see lots of complaints. Definite no no with a woman you are trying to woo.
Best use is for a group of guys on the cheap who are gambling and drinking and have little use
for the room but sleeping.

Best Hotel Review Web Site

I am including this site, because I find the readers reviews give you the best idea of the quality of
the hotels than any other travel site available.

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