The Best Live Poker Rooms - San Francisco Bay Area
California (continued)

San Francisco Bay Area

Nothing better than spending a sightseeing vacation in the San Francisco area while playing
poker as you travel around.  The area is unique and the poker rooms have some special

Bay 101

The Bay 101 Club in San Jose (about 1 hour south of San Francisco) opened in September of
1994, and quickly earned recognition throughout the gaming community as one of the finest
clubs on the west coast. The rooms 40 Tables are spread in spacious beauty at the 72,000
square foot facility with an open and airy gaming area.  Bay 101 is the biggest regular game in
the Bay Area, with regular limit hold 'em action at levels up to $100/$200.

If there is a drawback to the Bay 101 experience it comes at the hands of the local government.
All California card rooms are subject to Local as well as State regulation and the City of San
Jose has some strange understanding of how to regulate poker. No Limit poker is not allowed
at Bay 101 because of these local regulations. If you are going to play here take some time to
acquaint yourself with the fairly bizarre forms of spread limit games that do fall within the gaming
guidelines. Note: There is some discussion that the club may be able to offer No Limit in 2008.

The following Games are available at Bay 101:
Poker Games-
Limit Hold'em $2/4, $3/6, $6/12, $8/16, $20/40, $40/80, $100/200
Spread Limit Hold'em $5/200 50 min 200 max, $10/200 400 min 1000 max
Omaha Hi/Low $4/8  half kill
7 Card Stud and Pan are also offered

California Games-  Pan 9; Pai Gow; Century Blackjack; Double Hand.

The highlight of the Bay 101 calendar is the annual WPT Shooting Star tournament in March.
Lucky Chances Casino
Lucky Chances

Located in Colma, California, Nestled in the foothills just south of San Francisco,
Lucky Chances is a 43-table cardroom that opened its doors to the public in June 1998.  The
room is the largest and most popular in the SF area and one of the closest to San Francisco
(Oaks and Lucky Chances two closest).  Unlike most Casinos, this one is a bit hidden away on
a twisty road and not the easiest to find.

Poker Games played:
Limit Hold 'em: $3/6, $6/12, $9/18 with a kill (to $15/30), $20/40
No Limit Hold'em $1/1/2 40 min 200 max, $2/3/5 200 min No max, $10/10/20 2000 min No max
Omaha Hi/Lo $4/8 half kill. $10/20 half kill (Thursdays)
7-Card Stud $2/4
7-Card Stud Hi-Lo, Pot limit Omaha Hi/Lo (Web Site says it offers it anyway)

Asian Games played: Pai Gow; Double Hand-Poker; Super Pan 9; Vegas Style Black Jack.

The Bad Beat Jackpot is always in excess of $50,000.

As a side note, Colma is the "cemetery capital of the Bay". The two biggest industries in town
are cemeteries, and Lucky Chances.
Bay 101 Club
San Pablo Lytton Casino

San Pablo Lytton Casino (formerly Casino San Pablo) is a full service California Casino that
includes 55 tables in the Poker Room and is only 20 minutes from San Francisco.

The following Poker Games are available:
Limit Hold'em $3/6, $6/12, $9/18
7-Card Stud $3/6
They Host an unconventional No-Limit game offered with the button posting a blind at $2-2-2
($200 max) and $5-5-5 ($500 max).

If you are used to the California style of Poker Club, make sure you do not mind the clatter of slot
machines as you play Poker at San Pablo.
San Pablo Lytton Casino
Oaks Card Club

Oaks Card Club is one of Northern California's oldest and largest card clubs. Named after the
Oakland Oaks of the old Pacific Coast baseball league, the Oaks Club has been a Bay Area
landmark since the late 1890's and is located in Emeryville right next to Oakland and only
minutes from San Francisco. The Oaks has some of the lowest available Limits in the Bay Area
starting at 1/2 and raising up to 30/60 on the weekends. They do not offer No Limit Hold'em
Cash Games because it is Illegal in Emeryville.

With 40 tables Oaks Card Club features:
Limit Hold'em $1/2, $2/4, $3/6, $6/12, $15/30 (with optional overs). Tuesdays and Fridays also
have a $30/60 game
Omaha Hi-Lo $4/8 half kill, $9/18 one-third kill (Thursday nights)
Seven Card Stud $4/8
Lowball $10/20

Pan is also offered.

The Club also includes all of the popular Asian Games including Double Hand Poker, 21st
Century Blackjack and Pai Gow.
Oaks Card Club
California Grand Casino

The Woodford Hotel and Saloon has seen a lot of action since it opened in 1854 in Pacheco,
playing a range of roles from brothel to mail stop. While the prostitutes and Pony Express are
long gone, one use has remained constant throughout the hotel's 153-year history -- gambling.

In 1979, Wil Wilkinson purchased the property, began improving the structure, and changed the
name to the California Grand Casino.  With only 16 tables,  the joint is still smaller than a bread

The cardroom has Limit Hold'em at the $3/$6, $6/$12, and $12/$24 level. There is a single
table of Limit Omaha at the $4/$8 stake with a kill pot. Lastly, there are almost always 2 No
Limit Hold'Em tables running that have the blinds at $2-$2-$3 with a $200 max buy-in.  The club
also offers "Hot Action Black Jack" and Pai Gow Poker.  California Grand also has a "new
players" special where you buy-in $20 and get $50 based on two hours of play.  

It's definitely a place to check out at least once. Note: You may want to check out the "old" place
soon since they are about to start building a new site across the street.  The new 18,000
square-foot building will be three times the size of the current casino, although the number of
card tables (16) will remain the same.
California Grand Casino
Artichoke Joe's

Artichoke Joe's Casino is an 80-year-old club located in San Bruno (15 miles south of San
Francisco) and features a 20,000 square foot casino with  thirty-eight table games, as well as
a full sports bar.  The cardroom is housed in a very nice building and is very nicely appointed
inside. It attempts to evoke the richness of the gold rush era, with relatively lush carpeting, lofty
ceilings, nice bathrooms, and lots of brass and glass.

Games Available:
Texas Hold'em, 7-Card Stud, Omaha Hi-Lo Split, 21st Century Blackjack, Fast Nine, Pai Gow
Poker, and Pai Gow.

Limits Available:
Limit Hold 'em:  $3/6, $6/12, $15/30
Omaha H/L: $4/8 half kill

I would call to see if they are currently spreading No Limit.  When Lucky Chances could not
offer No Limit they had fairly big No Limit games running.
Artichoke Joe's Casino
Artichoke Joe's Bar
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