Orleans Hotel & Casino   www.orleanscasino.com

Newly remodeled and enhanced with state-of-the art furnishings and plasma screens, the
comfortable 35-table poker room at the Orleans is the winner of three "Best of Gaming" Awards
from Casino Player magazine. It finished first in competition for "Best Poker Room," "Best Poker
Tournaments” and “Best Place to Play Live Poker."

The competition at the Orleans is tougher than other Las Vegas poker rooms because the room
attracts more locals than tourists. This does not mean that local players are any tougher to beat
than tourists, it just means that at the Orleans you're less likely to sit down at a table with a
drunk tourist or totally novice player who consistently dumps money into the table.

The Orleans is currently spreading the Following Games:
Texas Hold'em with 1/2 kill $2-4, $4-8, $8-16
No Limit Texas Hold'em $1-2, $2-5
Omaha Hi Lo with 1/2 kill $4-8, $8-16
Seven Card Stud $1-5
Seven Card Stud Hi Lo $2-10

The poker room offers two Tournaments Daily at 12 Noon and at 7PM.  Players can win up to
$50,000 by participating in year-long competition to determine the best tournament poker player
in Las Vegas.

The Orleans hosts a major tournament every July, The Orleans Open.
The Best Live Poker Rooms - Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada

WOW, What a place.  Las Vegas (Sin City) has everything any degenerate would love.  And even
things normal people like.  While it is one of my all time favorite destinations, it is not my favorite
place to play high profit poker.  It rates right up there on most weekends..but the play here is
mostly much less loose than ALL the other locations I have listed previously.

Las Vegas was established in 1905 and officially became a city in 1911. With the growth that
followed, Las Vegas became the largest U.S. city founded in the 20th century.  It is the 28th
largest city in the United States.

There are now numerous places to play Poker in Las Vegas, the following are my favorites:

Bellagio   www.bellagiolasvegas.com

Exhilarate with hand after hand of classic poker action in the King of Poker Rooms.  Within the
Bellagio poker room's 7,000 square feet are 40 tables and two high-limit areas, the most
prominent of which is Bobby's Room – an exclusive two-table enclave named in honor of 1978
World Series of Poker Champion and MGM MIRAGE Chief Design and Construction Officer,
Bobby Baldwin.  If you're a poker player, you need to put the Bellagio on your "must play" list when
visiting Las Vegas.

For your ultimate enjoyment, this smoke-free Vegas hot spot also includes 24-hour table-side
dining, complimentary beverage service, safe deposit boxes, a full-service cashier cage,
overhead state-of-the-art music system, eight 32” television monitors, and 11 42” plasma

Beware, this is not the typical Las Vegas Tourist spot for Poker Players.  Expect to find better
players here.  There are tourists and recreational players, of course, but it's not uncommon to
find many local pros at the juicier tables.

The following games are available (and daily tournaments):
Limit Hold'em $4/8, $8/16, $15/30, $30/60, $80/160, $100/200, $500/1K, $1K/2K, $2K/4K.
No Limit Hold'em $2/5 200 min 500 max, $2/5 200 min No max, $5/10 400 min 1000 max,
$10/20 800 min No max.
Omaha Hi/Lo $20/40
7 Card Stud $20/40, $40/80.

The Bellagio poker room is one of the stops on the famed World Poker Tour with three events
each year, The FIve Diamond Classic in December, The WPT World Championship in April, and
The Bellagio Cup in July.
Entrance Bellagio Poker Room
Bellagio Poker Room
Mirage   www.themirage.com

Another must if you play poker in Las Vegas.  If you are an experienced player, or just beginning
your adventure in poker, you will feel welcome and comfortable playing poker at the Mirage.
The Mirage features a spacious 31-table environment with 10 flat screen TV's for sporting events.

When Steve Wynn opened the Mirage, the poker room was where all the big Vegas poker action
was to be found. The Bellagio has overshadowed the Mirage but it still remains a very nice and
well-run poker venue in Las Vegas.  There is always a core of Vegas regulars with plenty of
tourists rounding out the games.

The following games are available (and daily tournaments and sit n goes):
Limit Hold'em $3/6, $6/12, $10/20, $20/40, $40/80.
No Limit Hold'em $1/2 50 min 200 max, $2/5 200 min 500 max.
Omaha Hi/Lo $5/10 (kill)
7 Card Stud $1/5

The World Poker Tour Mirage Poker Showdown arrives at the Mirage every May.
Wynn Las Vegas   wynnlasvegas.com

Absolutely gorgeous and elegant, the Wynn's Poker Room has pulled out all the stops for poker
players.   All 27 tables have automatic shufflers and the wait lists are posted on plasma screens
in the room and channel 29 of your hotel room TV.   The staff is accommodating and
knowledgeable and goes out of their way to make the players, especially the regulars and
high-limit players, feel comfortable.

The following games are available:
Limit Hold'em $4/8, $8/16, $15/30, $30/60, $60/120 (and higher)
No Limit  (all games no max buy-in) $1/3 100 min, $2/5 200 min, $5/10 1K min, $10/20 2K min
Omaha Hi/Lo  $10/20

Beware, the room is popular with local "pros".
Wynn Poker Room
Bally's Las Vegas

Bally's just has a small 10 table poker room, but it has a "special" atmosphere that I really enjoy
playing at when I don't mind lots of noise and a bit of a crowd passing by.  It's not a separate
room in any sense, indeed, there really isn't any physical divider between the poker and the
blackjack.  The fact that you're kind of in the middle of the casino does lead to a louder level of

There seems to be a larger tourist-to-regular ratio here than in the more well-established
rooms. It seems the players here are more likely to be hotel guests than local "pros".  One fun
aspect of playing at Ballys is that because there are no walls between the poker tables and the
casino floor, you get a lot of table game gamblers stopping to watch the action, and many times
these less-experienced players plop down their money at the poker table.

The following games are available:
Limit Hold'em $2/4(kill), $3/6, $4/8.
No Limit Hold'em $1/2 100 min 400 max, $2/5 200 min 1000 max.

Bally's also offers great value daily tournaments.
Monte Carlo Resort & Casino   www.monte-carlo.com

Monte Carlo has a small 8 table, but stylish Poker Room tucked into the back corner of the
casino.  Designed in beautiful dark wood paneling, unique and humorous poker paintings and
the ever present flat screen televisions, the Monte Carlo may be the best "overlooked" room on
the Las Vegas Strip.  Ask Frequent Poker Players in Las Vegas about their favorite rooms and
you will often hear low to medium limit players mention the Monte Carlo.

The following games are available:
$2-$4 Limit Hold’em, $3-$6 Limit Hold’em, $4-$8 Limit Hold’em, $1-$2 No Limit Hold’em

Numerous tournaments are held throughout each day.
Bally's Las Vegas
Monte Carlo Resort & Casino
Monte Carlo Poker Room
The Venetian  www.venetian.com

This elegant  room just opened in 2006.  I never thought it would become much, since the
casino floor always seemed fairly empty whenever I stayed in the Hotel.  But this has become
one of the top poker rooms in Las Vegas.  With 39 tables, at nearly 11,000 square feet, the
Venetian Poker Room is among the city’s largest venues.  They made the room with a
"comfortable" feel and uncrowded.

They have a separate high-stakes area, featuring seven high-limit tables, two relaxation areas,
butler service, and gourmet dining.  The room employs state-of-the-art technology, including 21
large-screen plasma televisions, and adjustable chairs with wheels for comfort.

The Venetian is currently spreading the Following Games:
Texas Hold'em $4 - $8
No Limit Texas Hold'em $1 - $2
No Limit Texas Hold'em $2 - $5
No Limit Texas Hold'em $5 - $10
No Limit Texas Hold'em $10 - $20
No Limit Texas Hold'em $25 - $50
Omaha HighLo with a 1/2 Kill $4 - $8
Omaha High Pot Limit  $1 - $2

Two excellent Tournaments offered Daily NOON and 7PM.
Orleans Hotel & Casino
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Bally's Poker Room
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Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall   www.samstownlv.com

The rustic charm of Sam's Town is evoked by its name "Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall".
Rough wood paneling and old-time patterned wallpaper tries to put you in mind of the old west.
Five televisions adorn the walls along with 9 poker tables.  This is the casino the local Las
Vegas residents like to play.   Accordingly, players include many practiced players as well as a
number of rocks and maniacs. Don't be surprised if many people seem to know each other.

Sam's Town is currently spreading the Following Games:
Texas Hold'em $2 - $4
Texas Hold'em $4 - $8
Texas Hold'em with a 1/2 Kill $4 - $8
No Limit Texas Hold'em $1 - $2
Omaha High with a 1/2 Kill $4 - $8
Seven Card Stud $1 - $5

Two Tournaments offered Daily 7PM and 11PM $45.00 Buy-In with one(1) $20.00 Re-Buy
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