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Becoming a winning poker player isn't something that happens overnight.  It takes a lot of
practice, experience - and for MANY players (experienced and beginners) in-depth training is
extremely helpful.  Fortunately, there are many online professionals willing to share their
experiences with the poker masses.

If you are new to the game and do not want to learn by painful experience OR you are an
experienced player who is missing a little something extra to move to the next level....

Online Poker Training can definitely teach you the game OR improve your game.
Real Poker Training (RPT) videos allow you to watch and listen to top ranked professional
poker players like David Williams, Todd Arnold (nsxt2), Bodog Ari and Ryan Fisler (gotskillz?)
as if you were sitting right behind them at the poker table. Since their opponents can't hear
what our pros are saying in their microphone, you get to hear first hand each thought process
that goes into making each decision as it happens LIVE!  RPT is not just poker tips, the Poker
Videos give you that edge you have been looking for. They have dedicated this poker video
website to making you a better poker player.

RPT opened in February, 2005 as a groundbreaking resource to teach poker players of all
levels, from novice to expert the thought process of top players.

The site has OVER 306 HOURS / 746 Videos of Full Audio-Video instruction on...
Multi-Table Tournaments; Sit and Go's; Cash Games; Heads Up Omaha; Specialty Videos;
Amateur Player Critiques; Using Stat Trackers and More!

Member Benefits Include:
Videos: Access to extensive library of training videos.
Private Message board: Access to discuss hand history's and strategy with our pro's.
Exclusive Promos: Freerolls and Contests.
Extras : 1 Year Subscription to Bluff Magazine, 100 Free Sharkscope Searches

The cost is $24.95 per month subscription, no sign-up fee.  50% off if you pre-pay for the year.

You can also Register Free to receive access to the public discussion forums, pro articles and
free sample videos.
CardRunners was founded by successful and approachable poker players who set out to
create the best learning community for members of all experience levels. CardRunners
members include beginners, experts, casual players, and serious students. They all share at
least one thing in common: they rely on the variety and depth of our poker training resources to
improve their skills.

CardRunners has assembled the largest body of poker training resources available with the
single-minded focus on teaching winning poker. Our members gain valuable insights to
profitable poker through our videos with expert commentary, friendly forums, hand analysis
utilities, and other tools designed to give them an edge over their opponents.

$27.99 (1 month), $240 (6 months) or $336 (1 year). $99.99 Sign-up Fee (waived one year plan)  is an online poker training website. It features two of the top online poker
pros in the world: JohnnyBax and Sheets. Both players create videos from single table and
multi-table tournaments that they play online. The videos include their commentary that details
their thinking and decision process. These videos are viewed online in a members only area of
this website.

In real game situations, JohnnyBax and Sheets narrate their play in videos that stream to your
computer desktop. Watch as they demonstrate key Texas Hold’em concepts and strategies --
from playing position, bluffing, and table image to pot odds, sensing weakness, reading
players, and much more.

The PokerXFactor Training center also features online quizzes that allow you to "take the seat"
of the pros and try to match their moves, step by step, through tournaments. Plus, subscribers
have access to the PXF Hand Viewer, which allows them to upload full hand histories and have
them automatically turned into animated Flash movies. Both the quizzes and the animated
tournament review are great ways to improve your game!

$24.95 (per month).  $119.95 Sign-Up Fee.
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HOME  is the online poker training website that features the "personal secrets" and
"small ball" strategy of Daniel Negreanu.   Besides Daniel, the site features well-known players
Adam Junglen, Annette Obrestad, Paul Wasicka and has an impressive stable of additional

Poker VT (the "VT" stands for "Virtual Training") is the first poker training platform of its kind. It
combines One-on-One virtual lessons with Negreanu and other poker experts; a proprietary
virtual training system; and ongoing testing so users can track their progress and improvement
over time.  Get inside the minds of the VT Pros as they explain what they're doing and why
they're doing it during real action at the tables.

The Poker VT user experience also includes a math course by stats guru, Professor Charley
Swayne, who has taught seminars on statistics and probability all over the United States.

Poker VT combines a world-class poker player/instructor (Negreanu) with a world-class virtual
training system (LightSpeed VT) to create a poker training product for the masses that
revolutionizes Texas Hold'em instruction and eventually other popular poker games. Poker VT
is more informative than learning from poker shows on TV, more interactive than watching a
DVD and more entertaining than reading a book. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or
advanced player; a live or online player; a feel or math player, Poker VT has plenty to offer and
will improve your game.

  • NEW CONTENT ADDED WEEKLY (Over 50 new clips per month!)
  • Interactive training with Daniel Negreanu and other pros
  • This content is fully produced in the POKER VT studio and is not available anywhere
    else, on DVD’s or otherwise.
  • Poker tips and Q& A with our pros
  • Filmed exclusively in the POKER VT studio. Questions come from POKER VT users, so
    if you submit your own, it may be selected for our next session.
  • Full access to our pioneering technique of “Real Time Thought Process” poker games
  • We film games in our POKER VT studio, and the pros and players wear headphones
    and isolation mics, so that we can bring you their real-time thoughts, right in the middle
    of the action. Daniel Negreanu provides commentary and analysis on the good and the
    bad plays. And as a POKER VT user, you might get invited to play in one of these
    exclusive games.
  • Invites to forum discussions with Daniel Negreanu and POKER VT pros
  • Exclusive opportunities to meet Daniel Negreanu and the VT pros

Note: Announced Sept 2009 added Jon "PearlJammer" Turner to current roster of online pros

Free 90 Day Trial Period!!!

Monthly Fee is $29.99;  Activation Fee is $149.99

If you sign up today:  15% off Activation Fee; Unlimited Access for 90 days; No Monthly Payment
for 90 Days         Promo Code: DSNUTS0908
Click to See these FREE RPT Videos on WECpoker -

View David Williams Video Playing 3/6 NL Cash Game on Bodog

View Hand History Critique Video of New RPT Member from Ryan "Gotskillz?" Fisler
PokerSavvy Plus  Pro Team includes Justin "WPTHero" Rollo and Tony "Bond18" Dunst as well
as Christian "Charder30" Harder, Mike "SirWatts" Watson, and Evan "_Fisherman" Roberts.

This is one of the latest sites to come into the video training field, but they start with a fantastic
roster of players/instructors.  The main site, PokerSavvy, started as a gift site for playing online
poker at various poker rooms.   

Members get 5 new coaching videos per week, access to the exclusive members-only forum
where you can interact with the pros, and Pro blogs and strategy articles.

$24.95/month, $75 (3 months), $140 (6 months) or $250 (1 year).  NO Sign-Up Fee.
For a limited time, they are offering a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL membership with no obligation.

*Sign Up for 1 year of PokerSavvy Plus and get PokerTracker 3 or Hold'em Manager Pro FREE
*For a limited time, pre-pay for 3, 6, or 12 months, and receive 1, 2, or 3 months free
Grinderschool is a novel idea in poker websites. They are a strategy site specifically designed
with the low stakes player in mind. Grinderschool provides in-depth strategy instruction for low
stakes players, most notably through videos and direct access to a team of successful players
for questions and advice.

Most advice on other sites is aimed at high stakes players. Many of those tactics do not
necessarily apply well in low stakes games. Further, these sites can charge $100s in up front
costs, followed by expensive monthly fees. This has created a void for low stakes poker
strategy. The site seeks to fill that void.

Grinderschool charges no up front costs. All you pay is the monthly subscription fee,
$10 (Monthly MicroStakes Content), $20 (Full Access Monthly) or $34.99 (3 months). has attempted to improve the instruction video site offering by expanding
upon the traditional "one off, play-by-play" instruction.  They create videos in series. The
episodes build on one another, like a season of LOST or BOSTON LEGAL.  They are the only
site where you can take your videos on the go.

Premium Users get access to:  Videos;  Forums;  ALL Articles & Blogs;  Download (DRM-Free)
videos for any device;  NEW premium video series;  100+ archived videos

$29 (monthly), $147.90 (6 months) or $278.40 (1 year).
LeggoPoker is an all-encompassing poker education website formed by Greg Brooks and
Chris Tickner .  They offer all the tools to immediately improve your poker ability, and increase
your win-rates. The sites personal training consists of a video subscription service and
coaching, which can be private (1 on 1) or in groups.

At LeggoPoker, you will find many free resources that don’t exist on other sites. A FREE
membership allows you to post in the forums, upload your own videos, utilize the poker
database for modifications and hotkey scripts, view Pro blogs, read the sites Pro-written
articles, and use their renowned hand history converter.

$30 (monthly), $165 (6 months) or $300 (1 year).  NO Sign-Up Fee.
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