On of the largest US Staking Groups.

IMAWHALE Staking Group is a full time staking operation that works with poker players around
the world to help achieve their goals. With years of experience in the poker world, both online
and live, they manage a very efficient operation which has grown to be one of the world's largest
staking enterprises. They offer full bankrolls to play online MTT's, SNG's, and/or Cash Games.
They also offer Live Staking, but buy a portion of each tournament rather than a full staking

They are currently accepting applications to be staked from all types of players, regardless of
game type, experience, or stakes you play.  They also stake extensively on 2+2's staking thread.

The site is currently not active, but hopefully will pick back up soon.

Owned by UK poker forum EatMyStack.  While based in UK, they welcome
members from all over the world.  Stakes available for PokerStars players.  There is a
completely separate forum from EatMyStack for staking , which includes an extensive section
for new members on the rules and how staking works.  This site also runs lottery draws to play
in tournaments.  They have a very nice step-by-step guide on how to create a Staking
Spreadsheet.  Tough on scammers and security risks, but otherwise a very friendly and
professional group.


Sponsored staking site. Stakes available in Cash and SNGs over a wide variety of game types
and buyins on the iPoker Network and the OnGame Network.  Free coaching available.

Cash game applicants should have a minimum of a 2 BB/100 win rate over a minimum of
50,000 hands; SNG applicants should have a minimum 5% ROI over 1000 SNGs at the buy-in
level they are applying for. Exceptions may be made for applicants with outstanding stats.


The newest type of staking, sponsored or syndicated staking, is represented here in a site
started in 2012 by the former co-owner of another such site pokerisk, which was split into two.

They directly offer sponsorship for MTTs, SNGs, and cash games and can provide bankrolls of
between £50 and £20,000 on a daily basis so that players can play at whatever levels their game

They have two routes to sponsorship - the proven player route and the trial route. Through the
proven player route, they take new players on once a month with successful applicants starting
their sponsorship at the beginning of the next calender month. The trial route takes on players
throughout the month as soon as they successfully complete a trial of 150 MTTs, 300 SNGs or
10,000 cash hands.  If a profit is shown you will be offered the chance to start your PokerStaking
career as a sponsored player.
PokerSavvy Plus

Unfortunately, not taking American players at the present time, but a major site nonetheless.

An active staking site that offers stakes at the most diverse group of poker sites.  This site has
the most highly automated staking system with easy to use staking screens.  Also, ChipMeUp
offers the most extensive statistics on its players of all the staking sites.  Owned by PokerNews.

ChipMeUp includes instructional videos for new members on how to use the site.  The site also
includes an active forum and shoutbox.  The site is the home of several well-known Internet and
live professionals that sell shares in themselves including Tony G, Brandon Adams,
Casey Kastle, rkruok, AQUARAIDER and many others.  Several players have earned over $1
million total playing staked events.
Part Time Poker (formerly Neverbeg)

"Update: Some recent upgrades to the site (statistics now available for staking profitability) have
made PartTimePoker a better option.  Still, this site
should be the one that blows all the others
away in terms of service, technology and availability of comprehensive statistics.  I would love to
see more positive upgrades to the sites functions."

I would be remiss if I did not mention one of the larger and oldest staking sites on the web.  I
recommend you try any of the other listed sites.  (2+2 and ChipMeUp now seem to be able to
compete while syndicates provide good opportunities).

For whatever reason, hatred runs rampant between many members, where at all other sites
players tend to be very supportive.  The owners seem to only care about every dollar in their
pocket and could care less about the players.  They are glacier-like in any improvements to
make the site easier to use.  Even though they have been around the longest, other sites have
better functionality.  If you do decide to join, it can be a pretty tough place to be a member so
leave your thin skin at the door.  Do your best to stay away from the all-too-frequent drama.  You
can read right on the forum what Administrators of the site think about customer service. They
don't think you are a customer and if you don't like the way things are run, tough luck!
Black Friday in the United States has really changed the landscape of the previously
BOOMING online staking business.  Staking for American players is still available, but not
nearly as easy to find funds at this time.  Non-USA players have many more options.  
Sponsored staking is the newest fast-growing market, where a group of investors accepts
applications for a stable of "horses", many times on an independent website.  

What is Staking?

Poker staking is the act of one person putting up cash for a poker player to play with in hopes
that the player wins.  Staking is just about as old as playing poker for money and has made its
way online. Staking is simple – a backer (person providing the stake) finds a horse (a player to
be staked) and agrees to give the horse a stake (an amount of money to be put into play). The
backer and the horse come to an agreement on how the stake will be used (play in a poker
tournament or ring game) and they’ll split the winnings (50/50 is a fairly standard arrangement).
The horse plays the game that’s been agreed upon, and that’s the end of that.

Another option, Buy A Piece (on many sites) allows you to sell shares of your action to groups of
individual investors using a plan that you devise.  Once you are finished playing the set of games
specified, the sites software completely automates the process of profit distribution.

Before online staking forums came about everyone believed online staking was just not
feasible.  It turns out that staking has grown into big business and these online poker staking
forums generate hundreds of new members every week.  The use of poker staking to distribute
risk among professional players is discussed extensively in the book The Professor, the Banker,
and the Suicide King by Michael Craig.

Why would I want to stake someone?

Why someone stakes another really depends on the person. Some people to do it to help
others, other people do it for entertainment or amusement, other people do it for pure profit.
When you stake someone you are giving them a chance to make you both money.

Are there Organized Staking Sites that put a Staker and Horse Together?

Yes, there are several sites that provide a forum for stakers and players to meet up.  Each site
has its own system for the stake process which involves putting together the two parties.  
Typically, someone who wants to Stake, lists a game he wants a Horse to play, and players
make applications to play that game.  The Staker then chooses the player that will receive the
stake from all the applications.  All of the sites also offer the "Buy A Piece" option described
above where a player makes a plan then sells it to a group of investors.

The newest growth area for staking sites is the "sponsored" site.  This is where one person or a
group of investors opens a website just to take applications from players who wish to be
staked.  Many times, coaching from established pros is included if you are chosen as a player.

Also, staking has gone beyond organized staking sites.  You will find staking even in individual
threads in some Poker Forums.
WEC Recommended Staking Sites
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RakeTheRake, the rakeback professionals, offering up to 60% rakeback
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RakeTheRake, the rakeback professionals, offering up to 60% rakeback
Two Plus Two Staking Threads

Two Plus Two Forum had such a response to the initial staking thread that was developed, that
they made an entire
Staking Section in the Marketplace Forum.  This Staking Section has now
grown into a separate areas for
Selling Shares Online and Selling Shares for Live Events.

This is the largest and most active Forum based staking, and may be the number one site for
American Players to obtain staking.  To participate you must register with the Section and there
is an extensive list of rules that must be followed.  Also, the section is moderated to provide
protection from wrongdoers.  That said, this is a free service, and does not have some of the
protections the organized staking sites offer, but they do a good job nonetheless.
blonde poker Staking Threads

There is some small activity at this large UK Poker Forum.  It has not one, but two different
staking sections. You will find one section titled
Online Tournament Staking and another titled
Live Tournament Staking.

Looks to have gone into an almost non-existent state. Interesting in how it protects current
members from scammers.  You must complete an application to become a member, and they
investigate your poker staking background.  
The Donkey Farm  

Black Friday hammered this site, I am sorry to say it died and will not come back.

Long time staking site that was taken over by a new owner who plans on large growth.  The  
quality staking platform includes chat right on the Forum's front page.  The Donkey Farm offers
automated staking and provides stakes for PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Cake Poker.  The forum
includes an extensive section on how the staking system works.  The site also includes arcade
games as well as a multi-game play money casino. This has always had some of the nicest
members on a staking site and was originally founded to make staking fun.
Surfers Poker Staking Thread

Still showing small signs of life.  This is an extensive Poker Forum that includes a complete
Staking Section with not only offered stakes, but also listings for players to list shares of events,
ability to promote yourself in a thread, and a section that exposes scam players.  
Strategic Poker Investments (SPI)

Different type of staking site.  They facilitate the entire staking process for staked poker players
and online poker stakers.  As a player, SPI is available to you daily to answer questions, provide
coaching, and overall, give you with the best opportunity to advance your game.

For investors, SPI will make the poker staking process easier and more profitable for you.  You
will not have to filter through pages of forum threads to find potential players to stake.  SPI
screens and approves all players, leaving you to choose only from high quality poker talent.  In
addition, we will manage the poker stake for you.

The offer staking on PokerStars, iPoker, and Merge (Carbon and Black Chip Poker only)
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