Deposit Options
US Options
Western Union

Even though the Poker Rooms provide an extensive list of Deposit and Withdrawal Options,
most also except options that are not listed (Contact Specific Poker Room Cashier
Operations).  Western Union is one of these Options.  You can send money in minutes either
online or from one of  310,000 Western Union Agent locations worldwide. Use cash, credit, or
debit cards.

The fees run about 8-20%, but many poker rooms will cover the fees if you deposit enough.
NON-US Options

NETELLER was the premier online money transfer service before the US Banking disaster.  It
still is a strong service throughout most of the rest of the world.  NETELLER is the world’s
largest independent money transfer business.  Opening a NETELLER account is like using an
online wallet. You can deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds to any merchants that support
NETELLER Online Payments. You pay no charges for transfers to and from Merchants.

When you open a NETELLER e-wallet account you can experience all of the benefits that
NETELLER has to offer:

  • Flexible products and services like merchant transfers, peer-to-peer transfers, and a  
    pre-paid debit card
  • Safe online spending without having to provide your personal banking information to
    multiple sites
  • Instant fund transfers to thousands of merchants worldwide via instaCASH™
  • Award-winning, multilingual customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Moneybookers is a secure and convenient method to transfer cash online. It provides real-time
instant payments supported in over 20 currencies.  You can send money from your credit card
and transfer money to and from your bank account.

Funding options:

  • Wire Transfer - The funds should be in your Moneybookers account within 2 to 4 days.
    No fees when using this option.
  • Credit Card - Register your card and then send via fax or email to Moneybookers an
    Identification document with picture (such as ID card, passport or driver's license). The
    verification procedure should be completed within 48 hours after having sent these
    documents. There is a 3% service charge when using this option.

EcoCard is a rapidly growing online payment service based in Europe. You can fund your
EcoCard account via bank transfer or international Money Transfer solutions.  EcoCard offers
users the following benefits: Convenience and immediacy of use, Secure transactions,
Acceptance by gaming merchants, No payment rejections, Low cost.

Funds can be withdrawn to either a bank account or by check.
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American Citizens....Urge Your Members of Congress to Fight UIGEA!

As you have probably heard, many processors and poker rooms have discontinued servicing
American players because of the ambiguity surrounding the legality of poker in the United
States. Therefore I strongly encourage all American citizens to spend 20-30 seconds and fill out
form letter at the Poker Players Alliance website allowing you to quickly email your
members of Congress. It is important that Americans make their voices heard, that playing
poker is not a crime!

Join Poker Players Alliance

MoneyGram is another alternative that is not listed on Poker Sites Options and is much cheaper
than Western Union.  You can send money through the MoneyGram website or use one of the
agents in many convenient places where you shop, just look for the MoneyGram sign. And with
a network of 152,000 Money transfer agents in 180 countries and territories, they not only have a
global reach but they’re also in a neighborhood near you.

The fees run about 1.5-10%, but many poker rooms will cover the fees if you deposit enough.
Cash Transfer

Another alternative that money poker sites have accepted for years is the cash transfer option.  
Fortunately most 7-11 convenience stores have installed ATM-like cash transfer machines for
automated transactions (Vcom ATMs). You can both send and receive money at the machines.
Once the money is sent, you provide the poker site with a confirmation number and your poker
account should be funded within minutes. Besides 7-11, there are literally thousands of other
payment locations across the country.

The fees run anywhere from about 5-8%, but many poker rooms will cover the fees if you
deposit enough.
SITEMAP/Contact Us
Note: As processing options have tightened up and it has become harder to transfer money
between poker sites, several Forums and Sites have developed Site-to-Site Transfer Sections
to facilitate the movement of money.  WECpoker has added Recommended Sites that do a
good job of matching transfers and protecting the players as much as possible.  One site I
recommeded has closed.  There are several other transfer sites, but since I am not familiar
with the parties involved and it is extremely hazardous, I can not recommend others at this time

This is a highly risky procedure.  Be extremely careful if you decide to transfer funds.
Site-to-Site Transfer Options
Two Plus Two  

Person to Person Transfers thread at 2+2 is large and has been established for years now.  
The Moderator of the thread maintains an extensive "alleged scammers list".  Besides
Moderators looking out for members, there is a group of dedicated members that polices the
massive thread watching for suspicious activity.  The beginning of the thread lays out the
rules/warnings for trading on the site and I suggest you read it throughly if you ever plan on
trading funds.

Site to Site Transfer thread at P5s was started in June of last year and is moderated with a
good group that looks out for the members.  People who steal from others, or have questionable
activites (ie multiple accounts), are quickly banned.  As on 2+2, The beginning of the thread lays
out the rules/warnings for trading on the site and I suggest you read it throughly if you ever plan
on trading funds.
Update for Americans to Easily Deposit/Withdraw Funds on

Many Americans are being frustrated by the increasing difficulties presented when trying to
make deposits on your favorite site.  Echecks are off and on, Visa/Mastercard are all but dead,
Prepaid Cards have been blocked in almost all cases. Even when you can get an Echeck to
work, many individual banks are questioning their customers transactions (and also closing
accounts in some instances).

Americans have begun successfully to fight back by taking the initiative on their own.  By
following a few quick easy steps, it is now quite easy to get funds on Major Sites.  It is as simple
as traveling to the local grocery store or Walmart and in some cases can be done solely from

The process involves buying a Greendot Moneypack, Netspend Reload, or Amazon Gift Card
(among others), then visiting a GiftCard Trading Thread (only one at the moment is at
2+2).  You
will be trading what you purchased at the store, with another person who has Major Poker Site
Funds to send to you via Player to Player Transfer.

Full Step-By-Step Instructions on how to Fund your Pokersite account with Greendot or
Netspend can be found

Also, another funding method being used is to make arrangements with a player who has
funds on a Pokersite, and a National Bank Account with a branch in your area.  You basically
make a deposit at the branch near you into the persons bank account, then he transfers funds
to your Pokersite account.

You can also use these steps to Withdraw Funds from Major Poker sites (also see bottom of
this page).
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